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June 09, 2009


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I don't "tweet" and I don't Facebook. I think at age 67 the fact that I blog is enough! I'm not a social person and a social networking site is hardly my style. My sister is busy building a farm on Facebook and harvesting her watermelons. What the heck is THAT about?!

Hail to the Repulicans who are not playing dead for the economiaclly ignorant Liberals now leading our country toward disaster.

My problem with Newt - his commercial (last year) with Nancy Pelosi about global warming.

The man is a politician, it's as if he didn't stop to think about the effect such a commercial would have. Apparently that is the case because he sat down with Nance and put his face and words on record. In the minds of the liberal left - this is akin to saying "I'm all for your way of thinking!"

He has clarified that stance, since the commercial came out, but you know most people will never hear about it. EVER. I didn't know about his clarification until I went looking today after reading your post. This puts him firmly in the "used by liberals to further their agenda group".

And if he allows himself to be used in such a way when the consequences of most global warming legislation is so economically devastating... I have a hard time thinking he would be the leader that many conservatives believe he would be.

As for McCain's tweet - very nice, but I think far too much is being read into 140 characters or less.

Gayle: I'll twitter so you don't have to. :-)

Hi, Goomp. Excellent comments, as always.

Teresa: I, too, cringed at Newt's drivel about "andropogenic climate change" at the time. Had forgotten. Don't know whether he mentioned it last night. Have yet to listen to the whole thing. As for McCain's sweet tweet, I can dream, can't I? ;-)

LOL - we can all dream. ;-)

The Left is continuing their vicious assaults on Sarah Palin. This to me is a shining proof that they are terrified of Sarah Palin and all that she stands for. David Letterman, however, should be spanked good and hard for his utterly inappropriate remarks about Governor Palin's children (whether he was referring to 14-year old Willow or 18-year old Bristol is immaterial - in either case he was way out of line). His ratings are dismal and have been since I can remember - he isn't funny and only keeps his job because he's a liberal sweetheart. However, David has a wife and a child himself - how would HE feel if those remarks were directed against his family?

i think you are right about the GOP, but in my humble opinion, they were never gone.

they got a very bad wrap, not suggesting they were perfect, but the more and more i study the Bush Administration's response to 9-11, it is the stuff of legends in the most heroic light.

but i am sorry, Mr. Gingrich is not the most attractive in many aspects, for myself personally.

i am glad he may be back on board, but remember his photo with Hillary as he peddled for his own opportunism.

Newt's blowing with the winds on the efforts in Iraq are still very memorable.

sadly, in terms of copying ideas, it was more copying a speech closely in context, and really doesn't reflect well on Gov. Palin.

i like Mrs. Palin, find the ugly debasing of Democratic Partisans truly pathetic. it is the same ugly games they have pushed dehumanizing fine Americans they perceive as their opposition, like the Bush Family, President Reagan, Judge Bork, Justice Thomas, Kathleen Harris, etc, etc, etc.

it is sad, for the hatred and bigotry is providing a closed mindset, and pushing vapid policy.

but i hope the hype regarding the very young Governor of Alaska is based on reality.

we need a team effort, celebrities can help, but we sincerely need the best for the job...

i have had enough with Mavericks, and those who ran on a Maverick 'i stuck it to my party' mindset.

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