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June 20, 2009


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When cats become friends something is true.

I wonder whether the dashing Earl quotes Song of Solomon 6:10 to sweet Tiny?

"Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the moon, clear as the sun, and terrible as an army with banners?" [KJV]

May they have many more Chelsea mornings for congenial clowdering.

Connecticut Yankee: That is SO Tiny. Wonderful, wonderful.

How deliciously charming is fair Tiny and her gentleman caller!

Sam the Wonder Cat had a very rough weekend, in contrast. His escape routes from the screened in porch were reinforced and he now cannot go larking about as was his former habit and, when he got saucy with me (trying to bite my ankle) he got his smart little butt locked in the bathroom (with his litter box and lots of water) for 2 hours! He has been quite apologetic ever since. I won't spank him EVER but I will remove him from civilized company when he misbehaves. I have explained that to him quite carefully.

Love seeing them together, and think she must so enjoy a companion, tho none can take the place of poor Baby Cakes. It's interesting and so rare to see cats enjoying each other. Our two occasionally suspend hositilities when equidistant from me and both being separately petted, but let one inch slightly closer and the other makes hateful hisses in jealousy. As for the neighbor's cats? A couple of non-fixed toms who consider our fixed females of no account, and who rush at them and try to bite and bully them. The dog chases the marauders off, very protective of her cats.

What is this willful violation of Church and Blog? Haven't you read the Constitution? I believe the "Good and Plenty" clause clearly restricts any and all mention of Scripture under any circumstances, unless it's a quote from the Koran.

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