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May 16, 2009


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Sadly it seems to be one of the inescapable weaknesses of human nature to forget the lessons of the past and to feel that present successes can be endless if new standards of behavior are followed.

Sissy, thanks for the link. Note this story: Israel may be ready for a two-state solution. And the credit goes to...not Benedict, who Netty just met with, but OBAMA, with whom he will meet soon.

Isn't Obama amazing, though? No credit to Benedict!

Anchoress: Exactly what I was thinking as I caught the headline on Drudge this afternoon. Reminds me of the old Christmas story Why the Chimes Rang.

Obama thinks he made the sun come out today by announcing new auto-emissions rules.

It's interesting to contrast the election of Obama to the presidency with the elevation of Ratzinger to the papacy.

Consider Obama's inaugural address in front of, what, millions? and all the glitz and glamor and compare that with Benedict's new tradition of having twelve people, including cardinals, clergy, religious, a married couple and their child, and newly confirmed people, greet him.

Remember the kid's comic, Goofus and Gallant? How about we rename this match-up Hubrus and Humbol?

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