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May 30, 2009


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Every time I click on Sisu I get an invitation to sign on to Twitter. To me it sounds like thought control to stifle dissent.

I got the same prompt! It looked like my info in the boxes so I clicked 'okay', not thinking....! Dangit!!

Same window prompt with me. It also popped up when I clicked post a comment. Cheers, Mark

Yep. Weirdness. Login prompt, fake-o screen claiming to be twitter login. Ya been hacked?

I think you got hacked. Yikes!! Maybe you need a geek to go in and find the bad code and weed it out.

Sounds like this may have gotten you...

Twitter has been notoriously insecure and there have been recent exploits where all you have to do is go to the wrong page for your account to be hijacked and send out garbage tweets.

At least they fixed it for you. I hope you changed your password. If not, do so ASAP.

You can unlock your account after it is suspended. You need to go to http://twitterunlocker.com finally a place that helps!


Why the hell they suspended his account ?

Cute cats! I have three adopted cats, two calicos and a cranky male black cat! Also two outdoor feral cats.

I too got suspended by the clowns at Twitter without reason or notice. Took two weeks for some tech support troglodyte clown to respond. Makes you wonder why you would invest in this private company.
Text of response to being nice and requesting re-activation of Twitter account:

andr8a, Jan 23 01:51 pm (PST):

Twitter reserves the right to terminate user accounts without further notice. This account will not be reinstated.

For the Twitter Rules, please visit:


Twitter Trust and Safety

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