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May 07, 2009


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How about a pride of lions? They belong to the same family (Felidae) as Tiny, after all.

This is what has happened to the eagles who made up the backbone of the Republic of the USA. Soft upbringing without needing a sense of responsibility for the outcome of one's welfare has led to eagles who don't know that they are responsible for their welfare, not some caretaker.

The encouraging thing is that the eagles were all but extinct, and now look what a comeback they have made. So a few become welfare scroungers but most of them are not....We had one last year over our suburban lot and I was quite alarmed as both cats were out , but it was after rabbit somewhere else I think.

You're quite right.

"Herd" isn't a good word as it connotes a mass of beings standing about with no particular aim.

"Pack" implies there are many, but they do follow a particular leader.

After heading to dictionary.com to look at their thesaurus in relation to "herd" - I like "assemblage". I think that has the right feeling to it. (although I'm sure it has too many syllables for the libs to understand it)

Sadly I don't see a more concise single syllable word. Maybe we should make one up.

Lovely, lovely!

Why am I not surprised that you read the Monitor?

A few years ago we went to Davenport, Iowa in January. There were hundreds of bald eagles flying over the Mississippi river. It was absolutely beautiful.

Pod of whales, pride of lions, congregation of alligators, flight of birds, bellowing of bullfinches, army of caterpillars, a murder of crows or a storytelling of crows, a cast of falcons, a charm of finches, an implausibility of gnus, a party of jays, a lounge of lizards, a watch of nightingales, a parliament of owls, a pandemonium of parrots, a coterie of prairie dogs, a rhumba of rattlesnakes, an unkindness of ravens, a stubbornness of rhinoceroses, an exultation of skylarks, a streak of tigers, a knot of toads, a crossing of zebras.

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