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May 09, 2009


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We need 100000 MK Ham's -


me too --LOVE the gal --

Dorothy Jane: An ARMY of MK Hams!

Hi, Buddy. Thanks for stopping by. :-)

Mary Katharine spells her name correctly! She is a breath of fresh air and a bright, unaffected, happy warrior in the never ending war against statism. I've been reading Mark Levin's book, Liberty and Tyranny (a Conservative Manifesto) and like Levin, M.K. doesn't cut corners when she explains conservative ideas. She gets it.

I just want to MARRY Mary Katharine (MKHam)!!!

Thanks, Sissy -- and you, AKDan, get in line! Wanted to say, you gotta hand it to Fox --or O'Reilly -- for signing up the young lady -- even tho O'Reilly never lets her get more than her preamble said before he wades back in. I sometimes imagine tv news life without Fox and it is very, very chilly -- a Prague Winter, so to speak.

I only need one Mary Catherine Ham....

... oh, you mean our country. I see, yeah maybe a coupla million would be nice.

She's a remarkable young lady. Seems perfectly at ease at all times, even when up against pompous ass O'Reilly. As long as we have people like Mary Katharine Ham, I am certain that our side will ultimately prevail.

Agree 100% about Mary Katharine.

Er, but O'Reilly is unwatchable? It must have the highest ratings ever for a show that is "unwatchable".

And she looks good in a tiara like you do!

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