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May 13, 2009


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You didn't know 'cojones' meant 'balls'? Really?

Conservadick: No, silly. I was referring to Wikipedia's assertion that SISU (the name of my blog) = cojones!

Now to get Miss CA invited to some high profile Tea Parties. No I am not kidding. She'd be fantastic.

If Trump really had a pair, now he'd fire the CA pageant flunkies who tried to throw CP under the big pink bus...

Dr. Sanity has it right. Denial of the real world and human nature have harnessed us with a mentally disturbed class of people commonly known as liberals. Any expression of difference of opinion such as understanding that moral codes such as a marriage is best confined to a relationship between a man and a woman are the wisdom of the experiences of mankind leads to tantrums.

I'm wondering if Trump will find different judges for the pageant next year.


Is he loving the publicity surrounding the event and hoping it draws a larger audience next year...

Hmmm. Is The Donald working both sides of the aisle? I'm guessing the selection of judges for next year's event will tell all. Interesting.

Cojones you may indeed have, Ms. Willis, but "sisu," "cojones," and "chutzpah" don't mean exactly the same thing.

"Cojones" - balls - when used in the sense of "you've got..." is pretty much interchangeable with "chutzpah" - nerve. (When used in the anatomical sense, though, no. "Chutzpah" carries no anatomical - you should excuse the expresssion - baggage.)

"Sisu," though, is more along the lines of strength and perserverance, rather than nerviness.

"Chutzpah" can be used as a compliment, but it can be a left-handed compliment... or even an insult. "Sisu," however, IMHO, can only be a compliment.

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