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April 26, 2009


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So she started up on twitter and didn't even put out an initial tweet? It's like putting up a blog with a blog roll but no posts... unless all she wants to do is follow people on twitter to see what they say - which is fine, but unless she will be tweeting, there's no reason to follow.

I'm always amazed at people who follow thousands! How does one do that? I can't really keep things straight with the few I've got - I am being very discriminating in who I follow now. For that matter there are even some I'm thinking of unfollowing because it's too much!

Hate to be a possible wet blankie, but...

Have you checked this account: http://twitter.com/PeggyNoonan ?

Looks more like it's actually her, tweets look reasonable, and links to her website.

What do you think?

Interesting question, Stoutcat. The PeggyNoonan without the nyc seems to be simply a compilation of her weekly WSJ columns, and scrolling through her followers, I don't see a single name I've ever heard of. [Yah, so? -- ed]. Peggynoonannyc, on the other hand, while it has zero messages so far, does have quite a few followers I've heard of. [Again, yah, so?] I've emailed the WSJ editors asking whether they can clarify. 'Guess it's just one more example of how murky these www waters can be.

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