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April 04, 2009


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No doubt I am a member of an obsolete breed but I never listen to talking heads. I prefer to read and then make my judgements. If one is not too lazy to read, the internet is full of knowledgeable writings of people who are not ignorant as are so many talking heads.

If that was supposed to be television entertainment I'll keep streaming old Britcoms off Netflix.

Funny, but my tv is never on anymore. I prefer to not be spoon fed what they think I should hear and believe. Like Goomp I want to make my own judgements, thankyouverymuch. ;)

I won't watch either of them. Letterman is on too late and I've never found him even mildly amusing and O'Reilly just grates. He talks about "the folks" as though he is referring to a bunch of halfwitted rubes! Like we aren't smart enough to "get" what he's talking about. Bill - we are. And we don't like your smarmy self-idolatry!

I can tolerate a little bit of O'Reilly and zero of Letterman (who hasn't been the least bit amusing for about 20 years now).

I have yet to figure out who is in the Letterman audience that they find any of this schtick worth a smile, much less the laughter and applause it seems to draw from them.

Although we should always remember it's tv and what you see/hear isn't always what is really happening.

I almost never watch TV. And since my sound card went kapluie I don't watch videos on the internet. I don't think I've missed much.

The transcripts are much more revealing, as the the words must stand on their own. Where sarcasm is not involved, this usually means a better understanding of what is said.

Sarcasm is useful, but it just doesn't do well in print.

Sissy, thanks for featuring this great clip. Wow. I rarely watch either man, but have to say O'Reilly does a great job in taking hit after hit from Letterman, who's a self-righteous jerk.

BTW, if you haven't read Mark Levin's new book, "Liberty and Tyranny," do have a look. It's wonderful.

It's good to know so many sisu commenters are readers, not TV watchers. I AM reading Mark Levin's new book and loving it, by the way. Gotta finish before next week's Boston Tea Party in front of the State House so I'll have all his felicitous phrases on the tip of my tongue! :-)

Let's have a SAL-UTE to felicitous phrases!

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