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April 16, 2009


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Wonderful pics Sissy! Thanks for the update. Sounds like a great time was had by all. Some excellent signage too. LOL.

Of course I was highly disappointed to see the WSJ made no mention at all of the Tea Parties around the country. At least not on the front page. *sigh*

Maybe next time it will be on a Saturday when I have a bit of a chance to make it.

Excellent coverage and explanation of what Tea Parties are about. Too bad the media couldn't do as well.

Nice report, Sissy.

Awesome and witty coverage as always.

Thanks for the photos, especially those of the earlier protest on the Common, which I did not get to attend. I have also posted some photos and thoughts on the website of the Lucidicus Project.

Tax Day Tea Party '09

Definitely getting a nice taste, good local flavor, of that TEA party from this post. Sorry I couldn't make it. But I had fun (and took photos) at the parties in Concord and Manchester, NH and my daughter nabbed some good pics in Portsmouth.

Okay, my friend, I'm turning in my camera; what GREAT photos you have taken!

Nice write-up, and how terrific it is that our local press actually seems to take this a bit more seriously than the mainstream gang.

What a great day this was--looking forward to seeing you (and Tuck and Carol) again at the next rebellion!

Good job Sisu! You go sister!!!! Tea Party - wooho!!!

Bush Administration dumped all those billions on the banks and now Obama is the bad guy? What am I missing?

Amanda Plann: It isn't about Obama per se. It's the Rahm Emanuel thing about "taking advantage of a good crisis" by ramming through big-government initiatives that citizens would never approve were they not distracted.

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