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April 23, 2009


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Thanks for including a picture of the devastatingly gorgeous Dick Cheney with your post.

If for no other reason than keeping them distracted and off balance, we must keep up our tea party protests throughout the summer months. Perhaps the disorder will prevent the passage of some truly astoundingly horrid legislation!

It is interesting that understanding of our personal motives as well as those of other people is so absent in some people with very high IQs. If one doesn't understand human nature, almost any theory of how to conduct society can become a crusade. Let us hope the Tea Parties can cause them to reflect on what makes a productive society.

We don't take to the streets as often as do the Leftwingers - we have JOBS and responsibilities that we take seriously! And as to people with very high IQs, I fall into that category and generally speaking, I try to understand what drives the Left. But they're such children that it's hard for me to remember that far back!

Oh Gayle, thank goodness! I really thought I was the only one who found Mr. Cheney immensely attractive.

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