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April 28, 2009


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I hate to say this but the right's reaction to the easily targeted Rahm Emanuel is an almost exact mirror of the left's reaction to Karl Rove. Each administration seems to have a lightning rod and Rahm is that for the Obama Administration. Of course, that big dumb doofus of a Press Secretary is doing a good job of making himself look like an idiot when he talks down to the MSM during press conferences and cops an attitude when legitimate inquiries about fly-bys in NYC are on the table!

Brrrrrrgh! Would YOU buy a used car (or anything else) from that man?

Nope! I bought my [excellent] used car from a WOMAN! In Ohio.

That painting brings back memories...


It's the one and only
Situated and celebrated
in New Jersee.

You're Grrreat!

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