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April 08, 2009


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I'm planning on being there to take photos and video (I hope!). I'll watch out for your Capuano sign. :-)

Therein lies a problem. The MSM will paint the picture of the Tea Party many people will see.

Tiny should organize a Catnip Tea Party for conservative blogcats and their humans.

"Anti-tea party" so they're protesting FOR higher taxes.

Uh... okay... I must have missed something significant. Let me ponder this again: Demonstrating to have government take more taxes from your paycheck...

Nope. I'm just not getting it.

Sadly, I don't know if I'll get to go to the tea party. (I'd love to be there to take pictures *sigh*) Depends on work. This week has been pretty bad unfortunately and next is not looking all that great. *sigh* (small company, one person out with very sick mother equals no time for me)

That's what I get for being one of the diligent workers of the world. No time and soon no money either.

Sign up Pixie and Diva and me for the Catnip Tea Party! (Gillie the corgi would love to come and is remarkably cat-friendly, but understands that other cats may not understand. She is going to the Dallas Tea Party wearing the sign, "They taxed my tail off!")

Let me ponder this again: Demonstrating to have government take more taxes from your paycheck...

Nope. I'm just not getting it.

Oh, that part is easy. They're demonstrating to take more taxes from your paycheck, not their own. If there's one thing we've learned since TOTUS took office, it's that the people who yell the loudest for higher taxes don't actually pay them.

How about moving the tea parties to the front steps of the local media outlets? They needn't always be at the foot of the local hero bronze pigeon roost.

Liberals are emotional; their brains are broken. Logic won't persuade them. They still bash BUSH and defend marxism on display like it's patriotic.

TAKE AWAY THEIR MEGAPHONE. Cancel ALL print media and cable TV until the 2010 election is over.

Attend your local city and town hall meetings. FORCE them to pay as you go - stop taking State and Federal money. Don't start projects that can't be funded locally.

HOLD A TEA PARTY IN YOUR TOWN OR CITY. Contact Americans for Prosperity or Young Republicans on your local university campus for help.

Ignore brainless emoticons on this or any other blog.

I'm not too worried about the MSM distorting the message of the tea parties. A thin reed is easily bent, and when push comes to shove, I doubt if those in the MSM audience will stand up to fight for other people's principles.

There are a lot of these fools that need to become unemployed! Our founding fathers never ever saw the position of Congressional Representative or Senator as a fulltime position - but rather as something that you did as a service to your nation - not as a LIVING.

Good argument for term limits for sure!


Can't you see that ACORN is, "too big to fail".

If it works for AIG, Citigroup, Wells Fargo and Goldman Sachs (but not Lehman Brothers), why shouldn't it work for ACORN?

Press Release:
AP, Washington, DC

The Obama administration, in their stimulus bill, has appropriated $10 billion for ACORN.

Press Secretary Gibbs explains, "The liberal advocacy group ACORN, has been deemed by our economic advisors, as "too big to fail". If ACORN does not receive a significant infusion of government stimulus funding they will be unable to meet their future obligations to commit voter registration fraud on behalf of the Democratic Party, to stimulate Democrats to illegally cast votes on behalf of their deceased spouses, and to attempt to commit election fraud at an unprecedented level.

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