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April 22, 2009


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Production of material goods is the basic generator of financial well being. Food, housing, and all the things we use and enjoy have to be produced. They are not produced in the halls of academia or the other useful but non-productive pursuits, and certainly not by politicians. These areas of non-productive endeavor can serve a useful purpose, but to think that without an incentive-driven culture life can be other than bare sustenance is folly.

my butt smells

This is typical leftwing thinking and propoganda: If you cannot mount a persuasive and intelligent argument against some activity or belief of the right wing - just call them stupid or neanderthal or something of that ilk and move on hoping that nobody will notice that you never ever responded to the question.

Uh, explain to me again why taxpayers, including low income taxpayers who've never been to college, are squeezed by the Federal government to subsidize Harvard's tuition?

Let's have separation of education and state. It's far more justified under the U.S. Constitution than any ACLU-imposed wall dividing church and state.

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