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March 03, 2009


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* great post...

The problem remains, will Conservative Elite Pundits tear down the rest of the sound GOP Representation in Washington, because of the folly of a few?

Have we already forgotten the admirable effort to vote against the Obama Pork Bill, besides only three vapid Rhinos in the Senate?

MR. Steele was sincerely foolish...

But I know why GW Bush was such a great leader, and Mr. Limbaugh could learn a few things about Leadership.

Mr. Limbaugh is top notch, but even he makes mistakes, and his saying he “is the only one” providing a sound Conservative message - advocacy, demeans all of the Millions of Americans who are doing the same.

Didn’t he see Ms. Coulter, Mr. Romney, etc., at the CPAC gathering exposing the same sound insight?

Mr. Romney was outstanding by the way...

Isn’t he supportive of the sound offering of Mr. Boehner, Mr. Cantor, Mr. McConnell, etc. in Washington?

Mr. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is a proud Republican:

The Conservative Celebrities, and their ego, should take a step back as well, for they share the responsibility for today's mess as well. They haven't grown anything in recent memory...

We better get it together before it is too late…

Does freedom of expression hang in the balance?

We used to say in the submarine navy, no balls, no Navy Cross. The Republicans have none. Yes, it is wonderful to be civil and all that, but one can hit back hard without being over the top nasty. I am sick and tired of lies from the left being tolerated and Rush doesn't. He provokes and they react in their nasty way and show their true colors. I love it, So when will the Republicans move away from "the honorable gentlemen from . . ." nice talk and stand tall like the men of old.

Rahm Emanuel is even more of a p.o.s. than his boss and that's saying something. I'm convinced that within the next six months, the backlash will become so enormous that it will end up destroying the Democratic Party and all its works for many, many years! Bottom line, ordinary Americans love this country and will not allow it to be destroyed by this cabal of Chicago traitors!

Over at NRO, Ross Douthat ( a supporter of the "Echo not a Choice" Republican capitulationism Limbaugh is fighting against) resurrects the tired Ad Hominem argument that Rush is "just an entertainer" who needs to say what he does to keep his ratings.

Yeah, thanks for the "Argument in Bad Faith", Douthat: Rush doesn't really have principles, doesn't really mean what he says. Naaaaahhhh... Nothing to see here, folks....

Douthout, a Harvard toff, doesn't realize he's committed a fallacy that would get him kicked off a high school debating team.

And, of course, we all know that pandering to your audience is a sure-fire way to get and keep huge ratings. Just look at Air America, or Chris Matthews, or Keith Olbermann -- their ratings are skyrocketing!!! /snark.

Sad to say, NRO is becoming intellectually foppish and far removed from the vision of conservatism espoused by its founder.

You can almost see Douthat, Frum et al sniffing their scented hankies to ward off the stench of "those people", the traditional conservatives they never see or meet at their lib buddies' dinner parties in Cambridge and Georgetown.

Maybe they ought to visit Chris Buckley in the lower circle of hell he presently inhabits, now that he's realized that Obama's not the "centrist" he thought he was, and ask:

"How's that position working out for you, Chris??"

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