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March 29, 2009


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Sissy, I just updated my post with links to the two stories about the tea party and Tierney from the Newburyport News. The reporter's take on the event is a little different than ours.

Example: "With no official peacemakers on hand to mitigate a potentially unruly clash of ideologies, Tierney took control of the oft times angry crowd himself, making a pitch for civility despite the outcome of the last election."

What do you think?

It is a forgotten part of our society: political participation. We got lazy, drifted into complacency, now we are paying the price. If you like where things are heading, stay home. If you think your children's future is in peril, you had better speak up, or forever hold your peace. Given the changes that are being made on behalf of that 53%, It may be very hard (if not impossible) to unscrew the pooch.

three cheers !

very uplifting to see...

too bad the MSM is so unethical, they prefer to cover a funded ACORN busride of only 40 paid players, instead of thousands of private sector unfunded Americans...

I believe the Congressman for that area is John Tierney, a Dem. In 2004, he got 213,000 votes and his GOP opponent got 91,000.

That means that the 100 people represent 0.05% of the votes he got, and 0.1% of the votes his opponent got.

Obviously, I don't expect anyone who'd fall for the tea parties to realize what that means.

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