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March 01, 2009


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The internet is what has replaced what was once the free press. Let us hope the dictatorial liberals will not decide that they will control what is allowed on the internet.

Porkulus looks mighty delicious.

Tiny's pose and expression are suitably inscrutable-- did she have a taste of the porkulus and find it not to her liking?

Love the Porkulus recipe; thanks! :-)

I thought of you today... ran across a book publishing site called 'Blurb' that allows you to upload your posts to create a book.

There are only a couple of blogs I think would make good books and yours is one of them!

Goomp: It IS delicious. Connecticut Yankee: She LIKED it! pam: Thanks for your kind comments — 'have added 'em to the "kudos" in right column — and the tip re "Blurb." I'll take a look. :-)

A splendid post and recipe I must try

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