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March 30, 2009


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Here's to Fox and those who leave the statist media to come with the freedom channel.

I simply don't think it will happen that the left will shut Beck and company down, Sissy. There are just too many of us Scotch-Irish southern rabble rousers for that to happen. When push comes to shove, there will be a lot of pushing and shoving. And then whatever it takes to regain our fleeting liberties. Count on it.

What a cool photo of Tiny. The mattress looks like giant teeth!

I gave up on Frum some time ago.

The South shall rise again! Hitler could not have succeeded in the age of the Internet - information flowing freely would have sabotaged his grandiose vision of totalitarian glory for Germany - as it will sabotage The One (aka The Usurper) in his grandiose plans for America. The man has never run a company so how does he know how to save GM and Chrysler? Is he taking his marching orders from Uncle Georgie (Soros)? Americans can make an impossible to ignore amount of noise about what we do not wish to become of our country. Let's see if that dimwitted buffoon Olbermann (not even a very good sports reporter) reports what's happening. Little Chrissy Matthews is too busy with his tingling legs to pay attention to what's happening in our nation. Even he cannot ignore a true citizens' uprising.

Now that dimbulb that is married to The Lady Wrestler named Michelle is demanding that GM and Dodge quit supporting their NASCAR teams. Has he lost whatever marbles he started with? Does he even HAVE a drivers' license? You'd have to show a valid birth certificate to get one of those after all!

Lo the mighty hunter! I thought "Lo" lived at my sister's house. Her high toned high maintenance bluepoint Siamese Tim has become a full on mouser - brings her presents in the middle of the night - sometimes they're still living! Tiny looks like she's playing a rousing game of "Lurk" behind those piled up mattresses!

Sam the Wonder Cat is entirely too spoiled to hunt for anything other than a treat that got away on his food tray. Yes, my pampered little prince eats off a tray with a place mat and everything!

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