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February 21, 2009


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Is it my imagination, or does Mr. Grapefruit bear a passing resemblance to the gentleman in The Scream? :D

I love it! I had my grandson, Aidan over to spend the night this weekend and I showed him your Happy Meal photo and it was all he wanted for breakfast Sunday morning. We didn't have the grapefruit so I actually had to go out and get it.

He prefers Sponge Bob over Eric Cartman so he had his Sisu Happy Meal while watching Sponge Bob. This was the first time Aidan had tried an English muffin and he liked it! He always liked raisins.

My husband is an expert omelet maker and he joyfully made one for his beloved grandson. So happy day! Your art, (and it is art) made a journey all the way from Chelsea by the sea to the foothills of the Ozarks.

The Lord does indeed move in mysterious ways to get a skinny little five year old to eat.

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