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February 21, 2009


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Mutation or accident, either way it makes a fascinating picture. And smiling breakfasts. Modern miracles are too fast for me.

Love the squirrel stories! I got my best friend a Public enemy #1-13 or so T shirt with assorted mug shots of squirrels in disguise (some Cafe Press thing)

Here are some squirrel pix of mine

Smiling breakfast is my favorite!

I have an attorney on time out right now. I brought in some "Mardi Gras" treats - my homemade triple chocolate brownies with dried cherries in them. He can't have one until he turns in his January time. (If he doesn't turn in the time, our clients cannot be billed, so they don't pay us and then my paycheck is threatened - it's all a continuum!)

I have a luscious brownie wrapped in tin foil on my desk with his name on it. How fresh his treat will be depends on HIM.

As to squirrels with purple tails, I think that's a grand idea. I'm sure squirrels get bored with same old, same old - don't we all? That's how Clairol stays in business kids!

My best remembrances of my dad are of his handlebar moustache being dyed blue from the inks he was testing (at the Canadian version of 3M). Apparently, there were poor little blue mice running about in the labs as well.

I saw the same thing in my yard today!

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