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February 19, 2009


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Votes are over 90,000 now and 91% say yes, they'd join the tea party. Gotta love it. Thank you Mr. Santelli for getting the working, bill paying, tax paying people of the country fired up.

As of 5 minutes ago it was up over 93%. I don't think the mainstream pinheads are going to abandon their creation tomorrow or even the next day - but the handwriting is on the wall. If the Republicans promise to jettison the 60% of this nonsensical, pork-laden legislation, they'll take back at least the House and possibly even the Senate in 2010! And that can be the legacy of the one-term President Obama!

All this is based on the assumption that Obama and his liberal fascists will allow elections in the future.

one can only hope this brings sincere energy to react to the irresponsible, negligent, corrupt Democratic Partisan effort in Washington via their desire to spend, spend, spend on partisan political interests.

Socialism is a weaker system for all, with one of the worst aspects being the raising of the cost of living.

But as much as I am happy to see the negative reaction to the Democrats poor policy and disastrous efforts, I sense the MSM is playing the game - and has much more influence on a Partisan level.

They will spin it all in the end...

What can I say?

If the vast majority of those who are not embracing the DNC folly these days, simply lay down like they did in 2006, it is going to get much worse.

And something in me, thinks many in the end will bow to fashion.

But to adopt a few canned phrases, 'hope', 'yes we can', 'change'.

I don't think we're far enough down the road to totalitarianism yet that they'll be able to prevent elections in 2010. And the military - who like Obama not one jot - will not allow him to impose martial law.

The thing is, yet they are successfully moving us toward socialism right this minute, but their tactics are so obvious and hamhanded that the American people will get their backs up far more quickly than the Soros-led crowd of Obamanators are able to comprehend. THEY think WE are stupid. We know we are not. Big advantage!

Also - to put it bluntly - we're the ones with the guns and religion to cling to!

I hope Gayle is right.

Way to go, Sissy. Encouraging. I certainly hope this is a sign of the American public coming to their senses.

As long as there is a Tiny - and a Sam the Wonder Cat - life will continue to have its compensations. There is always hope for a world that contains such beauty.

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