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February 24, 2009


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For many people it is frightening to face a universe that cannot be explained, or a life without explainable purpose. Hence the creation by man of such ideas as God, of religions, of the theory intelligent design. They must feel that there is a master plan of which they are an important part. When science challenges these beliefs, they may accept the newfound facts but also must be able to continue to have what they believe is an understandable master plan.

And some people are just lazy! And since everything will be "equalized" - that suits them just fine. Let goomp. Sissy, Tuck and Gayle work extra hard, so they don't have to! That's the appeal of Marxism.

The appeal of the Babe, however, is timeless and enduring. What a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy.

First Novalis on Ars Psychiatrica, now you're reminding me to read Dutton. I thlnk his book will be the first thing I order on my new Kindle.

A lot of good people I know are Creationists and so it becomes a kind of don't ask, don't tell. People I love and otherwise admire at church. Good people often have really dumb ideas. Whereas my favorite course in college was with E.O. Wilson and I took my kids on a pilgrimage to the Darwin exhibit when it was in the city near us. Not that his theories are perfect, but we so admire him as an adventuring scientist. And think it sweet that he delayed publishing his findings for twenty years so as not to upset his deeply religious wife.

Random animal book I am just starting: Temple Grandin's "Animals Make us Human". Sort of bizarre that she (often pointed to as the poster child for a successful autistic person) earned fame for her design of more humane slaughter houses. That she was able to design them so well because she could intuit how the animals might be feeling at different stages.

Although you are a cat person (we are too, but keep a dog as well) have you read the Jeffrey Moussaieff Mason books on animals, mostly dogs? I don't always agree with some of his later work, but he beautifully observes pack behavior in dogs and the ties between humans and their pets.

Goomp made exactly the same silly argument she (it sounds like a she) is complaining about. Faced with someone who believes in creationism, she retreats to her own calming explanation that those people are merely uncomfortable with lack of a "master plan". Goomp would be startled to learn her god is randomness.

BTW, Darwin has nothing to say about the origin of life or the origin of the universe.


retriever: Thanks for your interesting and enlightening comments.

I am a great admirer of Temple Grandin's work and linked to her Wikipedia page in this post from a couple of years back:

Why do sausages have to be so delicious?

Fascinating that it was her autism that allowed her to empathize so deeply with our fellow sentient creatures.

RickC: Huh? Oh, and had you been paying attention, you would realize that goomp is the patriarch of our clan, a wise and venerable man who wasn't born yesterday.

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