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February 08, 2009


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My fear is that the MSM will fail to acknowledge the truth of who and what Obama is and does.

My fear is that the MSM will fail to acknowledge the truth of who and what Obama is and does.

That's not just a fear. The MSM created two screen characters, for the specific purpose of hammers against the Bush administration. Cindy Sheehan was one, and Obama the other.

In a minimum of four years prior to the 2008 election, the MSM exploited these characters in the most extended negative political campaign this country has ever witnessed. Cindy Sheehan frequently gave speeches before more media cameras than actual spectators, but she was glib enough to occupy plenty of TV screens for attacks against President Bush. Obama, of course, is barely anything beyond glib, and had nearly zero executive experience (barring the squandering of $150,000,000 of Annenberg Foundation funds, which failed to improve education in Chicago one bit).

And after sufficient fawning media attention, Obama caught on with the public - despite his empty rhetoric - sufficiently to carry the election as a mere PC celebrity. Meanwhile, la Sheehan had been abandoned by the cameras and was left by the roadside like a punctured tire.

It's almost certain that the MSM will maintain slavish support of its pet candidate - until perhaps the passage of time, and still unpredictable events, wipe the scales from enough eyes that even the viciously biased editors realize they can't maintain their narrative at full strength. They'll have no good words for Republicans, of course, but The One may actually face some of the criticism - and research into his Alinskyite past - which should have been his since 2004.

The power napping photo is awesome!

Very good post.

In Obama's case, I'd call it pale lavender with purplish overtones signifying a unity of purpose with the world's collective angst.

Repeat after me: Barack H. Obama, POTUS 44, is a CHICAGO POLITICIAN and that's ALL he is. If you know that, you know all you need to know.

He is naive, untempered by experience and common sense, but wily and as crooked as they come and has not the solid teflon coating possessed by Bubba. Furthermore, he has absolutely zilch knowledge of history and thus, in his ignorance, is doomed to repeat it.

And 53 million Americans were duped by this poseur!

While the media can take a huge hunk of responsibility for the "white washing" of everything Obama. Please let us not forget the nearly total incompetency of the Republican Party during the late campaign.

It was painful to watch for the most part. Ineffectual. And thus we are left with a person of no substance running the country.

This will not change unless the Republican party can (unlikely but always possible) finally finally learn from Ronald Reagan how to use the media to their own advantage even when said media is completely hostile to them.

To date they've shown zero ability in this area. However, we shall see. I always have hope for the future - possibly misplaced - but always hope.

Pray for all you're worth, friends. Pray!

Most troubling is how George Soros recently said he was making money during the present crisis...which was entirely aggravated by two factors. (1) Soros put Obama into that job, and (2) Soros wants the U.S. to fail. Now, the Lightweight Hussein has forced out the General Motors chief, with even the state governor (a Dem but originally Canadian) termed "a sacrificial lamb."
George Soros would be this planet's richest man if he could break the back of American manufacturing. That's worth worrying about, looking at all these sudden and catastrophic decisions by this incredibly inept neophyte.

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