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February 17, 2009


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Love those green eyes and the dappled light! Gorgeous. Such a funny juxtaposition w the bird picture! LOL Does she hunt birds? Our two do, despite our spritzing them with water, yelling at them, and keeping them well fed. We're happy when they get all the rodents, but the kids draw the line at baby rabbits, and always pry open the cats' jaws to release them. Dumb bunnies take a LONG time to hop away. Cat then prowls angrily around like Simpkin in the Tailor of Gloucester, looking for her prey.

She is so absolutely enchanting! She is, I suspect, almost entirely (if not entirely) Maine Coon - the M on her forehead is a definite clue in that direction. Sam the Wonder Cat has it too! The ruff around their necks is sometimes a challenge. I don't know about Tiny, but Sam's fluffy white ruff requires daily grooming and still it looks disheveled a lot of the time! Must be a boy thing, eh?

Anyway, the second pic of Tiny is my new office computer background. Makes me smile. Warms my heart. Lightens my mood.

I have no idea why I bother to take photographs. One image of Tiny, and I am completely outclassed, seven ways from Sunday.

Sissy, once again you have taken a beautiful subject and successfully Gilded the Lily.

No wonder Tiny has a gentleman caller on her territory every so often-- she's definitely the belle of Chelsea.

Gorgeous photos of Tiny. She's lovely! I love the dappled light on her fur.

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