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February 10, 2009


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I was on this story yesterday.

Today, however, there's another delicious piece of news floating around. The FBI has raided the offices of a firm engaged in the business of "pulling pork" out of Congress for various localities. This firm is closely associated with that monument to pork-barrel politics - John Murtha, the man who defames the Marines and won't apologize! Questions about this raid have been characterized by Murtha's spokesman as "sensationalized journalism". If Murtha were a Republican, it would be called "responsible journalism" but what the heck!

I'm getting more depressed and cynical with every passing day!

Let us hope that reaction to economic failure resulting from this ridiculous bailout package leads to a return to the free enterprise of the Reagan years and not dictatorial government.

I still have faith, goomp, in the "ordinary" American citizen. We may be battered and really have been pushed around and kept silent while calumny was heaped upon the head of our President. We admired GWB's fortitude in the face of outrageous nastiness and yet, let's be real here, we wished he'd just once throw them a one-finger salute.

But the disrespect coming our way from our 44th president is very liable to be a tipping point for many stalwart Americans and it could easily lead to a revolution waged at the ballot box in 2010. There's an entire House to replace AND a grass roots movement to get rid of Harry Reid is afoot in Nevada. Americans will quickly get very weary of our current president's condescending attitude toward his fellow citizens. He apparently hasn't gotten the memo - he works for us, not the other way around!

Meanwhile, POTUS is facing a 19% drop in approval ratings since his inauguration - LOWER than the numbers "enjoyed" by GWB during the third week in his presidency!


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