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February 16, 2009


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A work of art and carpentorial dexterity.

Will Tuck's next project be a "tiny" one?

Does Tuck accept commissions?


sincere talent.

This is such a wonderful gift. I am amazed at the work that's gone in to such an elegant lamp. The lampshade is a perfect choice also. "Let the ones we love know we love them." You two do.

If Tuck is taking commissions, I want one for sure! Money is an object, but not much of one, given the evident quality of his work! A handsome, gracious and enormously talented consort for a lovely, intelligent and equally talented woman named Sissy! A grand pair.

Love to you both.

I'm serious about ordering a lamp - in fact two! One for MY sis!

A belated very Happy Birthday to Sue!!! What a lovely gift. Tuck is most talented, can't wait to see what he does next. *grin*

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