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February 06, 2009


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Sunlight can work magic with a paper towel. No magic is strong enough to make the U.S. Congress's plans anything but a disaster for freedom and poverty for our citizens.

As our South of the Border friends might observe, that's a wad of toallas de papel there, with the bottom of a Windex bottle by way of background. The everyday, the mundane, transformed magically by the light fantastic... and a gifted photographer's eye.

As for the latest Obamanation, you should read Velociman's latest screed thereupon.

Sigh--if only we could run Tiny Willis and Hakuna d'Elisson for Congress. The so-called humans in the present group of Congresscritters are beyond embarrassing.

One of my college roommates used to call them towel papers. (she grew up in South St. Louis so I have no idea why she did this) and of course I've always thought Windex has a very pretty blue color. LOL.

As for Romney, I liked him, even voted for him in the primaries as I thought he had far more staying power than Fred (who I liked, but who never convinced me his heart was in it) Ah well, in the end we didn't get any of them and now we get to watch the next four years being run by Mr. You-better-think-I'm-fabulous-or-I'll-kick-you-off-my-plane. *sigh*

Had Biden said there's a 70% chance we'll get it right, I would have laughed harder. Perhaps choked on said laughter.

That is either a paper towel or some very, very, very white shorts. That said, having the legend 'Windex_towels2' kinda gives the game away ;)

All that is left is to depend on the demonstrable incompetence of La Pelosi and Harry Reid! It is manifest and it is our only hope.

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