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January 01, 2009


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The Lion of the Tribe of Willis.

I'd agree with Horsefeathers about Bach's preeminence as a composer, but I think his choral works reach a level beyond even the greatest of his instrumental compositions, because of the power of the words set like jewels within his music. In memory of Baby, I've been listening to the "Et resurrexit" section of the Credo from the Mass in B Minor.
There's a good performance (by a Belgian chorus and conductor) at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WSc1o9zQZE&feature=related

I have been thinking of you and Tiny and Tuck ever since Baby's untimely death. Thank you so much for the splendid retrospective you've been posting for the last several days. It was your photography that first drew me to your blog, and Baby Cakes was a most worthy subject of your art as well as King of Chelsea.

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