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January 18, 2009


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Lowry has it right. People who yearn too much for the approbation of the tribe without questioning the judgement of the crowd may be wildly popular, but that can lead to poor results.

I had though a long time about the drivers for the Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS). This hypothesis comes closest to reason that I've heard so far. It seemed the media and Hollywood crowd would make gratuitous remarks about Bush for no really good reason. It seem they were signaling they were part of the far left crowd. It seemed they were "paying dues" to enjoy the special privileges of the "in crowd. Thought provoking.

FYI, hot-linking an image from someone that may frequent 4chan, based on the naming of the directory containing the image, is not a prudent thing to do.

"The Circle Dance", there was a post similar to this by neo-neocon.

Not just part of the tribe, but in 'unity' with a greater social group.

Unfortunately, unity in hate against something is much easier to achieve than positive unity in creating or building something.

Note the Arabs countries who hate each other ... but are most united in Jew hate.

Note the academics, especially the verbally oriented ones, who are often united in a hatred of capitalism.

Tom Grey . . . Good points. Related posts from years past you might find of interest:

We all want to dance in a ring, which includes a link to neo's circle-dancing post.

He knows if you've been bad or good

Is consciousness the same as spirit?

To me your heading was to resemble "to trash, Bush was to belong".

To the inflected languages English was no longer to belong. To your readers your heading was to be confusing.

What's sad, and terrifying is that folks with the above-described mindset, in another time and place, eagerly put on uniforms and dutifully marched to Nuremberg every September. How nice it was, I'm sure, to belong to something bigger than oneself and be in a place where everyone thought the same... and knew they were right.

You forgot the part where Bush did an appalling job as president, leaving the country in terrible shape. After 8 years, 6 with full republican majorities in congress, there's no one else to blame. Unless you are a complete wingnut deadender. a

The author did not attempt to defend Bush. The article was about being compelled to slander Bush in order to be identified with your (leftest) group of choice. I, too, think Bush did a bad job as president. I also think the Republican congress did a terrible job of representing us as well. I hope Obama does a good job as president, good enough to get elected. I don't hold out similar hopes for the democrats in congress and fear that they will be a major problem for Obama. Notice that I've just expressed opinions and didn't even have to call anyone Hitler, but then I'm not a liberal.

Ah abe, you are a true believer. Will your leader do the right thing today and call for all of you to lay down your hate, as Honest Abe did in the Gettysburg Address? I am not holding my breath.

Actually I meant the second inaugural address: "With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation's wounds"

Sissy, great post. The widespread BDS has been disturbing to watch for these eight years. Doesn't reflect well on us as a functioning civic society.

What has bothered me even more, especially during the last 2-3 years, was the disloyalty from many Republicans to President Bush. I'm active with my local town Republican committee, and during the last two elections here in MA, we were told NOT to hold any Bush signs next to our candidates' signs. Quite a few national Repubs dissed President Bush during the presidential campaign. Snivelling weasels. Worse than BDS in some ways.

Abe, what do you believe Sandy Berger stole from the archives? Remember, he was doing "research" for the 9/11 hearings. Was the wall of separation between CIA/FBI created during Clinton admin. a large factor in not preparing for terrorism against the US? Also, discuss how Democrats in 2003 were bribed by Fannie to dismiss the need to investigate practices and policies of the "sub-prime" mortgage mess. Those oh so ethical Dems like Maxine Waters, Chris Dodd, and Barney Frank seem to be above any ethics inquiries. Why? Why did the congress overwhelmingly support the invasion of Iraq? That answer would require that you have a memory of the Saddam years of terror on his people, and the region. Many revisionists like yourself, seem to think Saddam was an innocent leader who wouldn't harm anyone. To know the real Saddam, one has to educate oneself. That is a lot to ask isn't it? By focusing on the failures of others, do you not avoid seeing your own failures, Abe?

Whatever it's cause, the left's chronic complaining has now become a nasty habit.

Is there no end in sight to their threats, complaints and general bitterness?

Maybe Obama can get them to clean up their acts.

You almost have it right: to trash Bush was to show that you were smart enough to realise that he was an abysmal president, and weren't infected by the dead-end neo-con mythologies (the Laffer curve, the cult of non-government, invading the wrong country).

Now of course, showing that also shows that you are cool - or at least, in touch with basic political reality.

Thanks for the link. You must have many more regular readers than I, because I got an enormous traffic jump on 1/19.

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