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January 22, 2009


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Great post!

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Beautiful Sissy. I wonder how long Time will keep the photo essay up? Viewing it brought tears to my eyes and I'm sure that's one reason why Newsweek and Time were so stingy with these touching photos throughout the eight years of Bush's presidency.

Why didn't they want to show the powerful images of 9/11 and the aftermath? Why did the Democrats go nuts over the Mission Accomplished photo and President Bush's carrier landing and his secret Thanksgiving trip to Iraq?

They had nothing with which to counter President Bush. The Democrats and their lackeys in the media had to take him down. Then the doofus, John Kerry invited Barack Obama to speak at the 2004 Democrat Convention and I believe from that moment on George Soros and company groomed the man to be the answer to George W. Bush. The new Bill Clinton. They knew Hillary just didn't have it.

Spot on, Laura Lee. The left's deliberate, self-righteous declaration not long after 9/11 that we should not keep playing and replaying the images of that horrific day take on new, ominous meaning as we look back knowing what we now know about BDS. Early on they were starting to airbrush out the the horror and the existential threat the burning towers represented, in favor of getting back to their multi-culti, p.c., Bush-scapegoating narrative about Western Civ as the root of all evil.

As for George Soros & Co, you are right again. Check this out for historical landmarks along that road to hell paved with "good" intentions:

How Soros Financed Obama's Campaign

Do what you must to get what you want, do what you must do to achieve the closest to what is right, do what is right regardless of results. I believe the middle course is the best that can be followed with honor and practicality. That is what President Bush did.

Thanks for the post, and the pix, which captured and pointed to some of the many ways this good man so faithfully served his country. I have been near apoplectic at the revolting way the press has treated him, particularly on his way out. Base ingratitude for tireless service. As I have intoned to my children in times of discouragement with the political alignment of our country these days, quoting Yeats "The best lack all conviction, while the worst, are full of passionate intensity" As a New England Yankee, I prefer character and hard work, love of country and a sense of duty to "passion, compassion" the mindless pc mantra. What do they mean by it except that they will be going after somebody's money for one of their pet causes again. But I digress. Thanks again for your wonderful combination of photos, posts and links. A daily treat! Hope the pain of your lost BC eases soon. .

George W. Bush is a true patriot, in every possible sense of the word. His love for our country is undeniable - and that's something the left just doesn't understand.

They never will, more's the pity for the next 4 years.

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