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January 18, 2009


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Tears will keep falling as long as you have a heart Sissy and you have a big heart. What a beautiful face was on that boy.

Our Captain had a look-a-like kitty that would come in and out of our yard. I enjoyed watching Sabby and Cappy watch him and I called him Captain's clone.

One time, thinking Captain had gotten out, I chased this poor cat all over the yard.

I've taken photos of him and wondered where he made his home. I knew it had to be nearby.

Lots of times I've come home and found him sunning on the chairs of the porch but he would get up and walk away.

He would never let me get too close.

Yesterday I went out on the porch in the late afternoon. It was pretty outside and warmer than it has been and there he was, sitting on the grass, close to the porch.

I said hi to him. He kind of chirped back at me. Then I started saying things to him in a more cat friendly language and said a few meows to him. He meowed back to me.

Then I said, "Come on up and talk to me."
He jumped up on the porch and I bent down and offered my hand for him to approach. He immediately started to rub against my hands and legs and was very affectionate. Up close he really did look like my Captain.

I was asking him his name, trying to figure out what it could be and in the corner of my eye, I could see my neighbor in his yard over to my right. I asked him if the kitty I was petting lived with him. He said yes. I asked him what they called him and he laughed and said, "We just call him "Cat."

Now I have a new friend but I think his real name is "Sam."

You will have kitties that will come to pay their respects to Babe, Sissy. Sam has done that throughout the past year and a half. Tears still come freely when I think of Cappy.

My grandson, Aidan who loved Captain dearly and spent the night with me last night did what he always does when he wakes up at our house. He went outside to the back yard and stood at Captain's grave for a little quiet time to pay his respects.

Aidan's only five but he and Captain had a special relationship and that memory still lives.

Sending you both a hug in thought.

Kitty Ghosts are there to comfort us, not scare us.

I have them all the time when I lose a beloved pet. They are always sitting and watching, just out of eyeshot, or they inhabit my dreams.

Enjoy. Your Baby still loves you.

What a beautiful, luminous portrait of the King of Hearts, aka the Once and Future King. To borrow a line from Shakespeare, love truly does bear it out even to the edge of doom. And I am sure that holds as true on Baby's side as it does for you.

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