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January 14, 2009


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Kate Smith sang "God Bless America." Now that the ignorant liberals are in control it will have to be "God Help America."

My head is going to explode before the rotund girl takes the stage and belts out her tune...

Open and accessible my foot. If I were to go, I wouldn't be able to go to the "front" area because I can't stand for long periods and would need my Rollator (wheeled walker chair type thing) and they aren't allowed in front of the port a potties at the inauguration. Besides, it would be too cold. I wouldn't go to any inauguration in January even in DC...

The photo is a hoot Sissy! Obama is the ringmaster now that he's got Bill Kristol enlisted as well as George Will re the dinner they attended last night. Smart man that Obama. Just ask them and they will come...the easy ones that is. I note that Peggy Noonan was also in attendance.

As for the inauguration I have discovered I may have a dilemma if I am not very careful.

I am employed as an art teacher for our city's school district. The administrator who is responsible for the art, music, p.e. teachers and the principals is a really great lady who also happens to be African American.

She has only been in this position for two years and has been a real advocate for the art teachers who have been told by previous administrators that we are the lowest of the low. This lady has done a lot for us and is really a good person.

This morning I read in our local paper that she and her family are attending the inauguration and that she is very proud of Obama and especially Michelle Obama. She has never spoken of her political views to us so this has come as a surprise to me but I suppose it shouldn't have.

Now I know I had better be very careful about blogging at school even during breaks and being sure that none of my co-workers know about my blog. I never speak of it to anyone. I just want to keep my opinions free but I also would like to keep my job.

Anyway, I read tonight that President Bush has declared Washington D. C. an emergency so they can use funding to pay for all the extra policing that it will take for this inauguration. I also read that 15,000 hotel rooms are yet to be filled in the D.C. area. It's also going to be very cold. It will be very interesting to see from the comfort of my own home what comes from this historic moment. Four years of this. I already miss President Bush.

Sissy - I've been blogging about the "over the top" inauguration kerfuffle - this morning en route to work we spotted porto potties ON Pennsylvania Avenue.

Just the message we want to send to the rest of the country - and the rest of the world!

Egad, Laura Lee. It looks like you've become what former Soviet dissident Natan Sharansky calls a "doublethinker" under the Fear Society Lite jackboot of political correctness.

Gayle: Stay inside and lock the doors. :-)

Natan Sharansky. What a heroic man. Named for a heroic prophet. "Thou art the man."

Sharansky speaks the truth. I will be very careful but I will continue to speak the truth. I can't be a doublethinker. That's too confusing.

One must wonder where all this money is going... you would think $24 mil would be enough to cover EVERYTHING. But apparently not...


The link above is to a news article detailing the fact that President Bush has already declared an emergency in DC because the $15 mil on hand for the inauguration is not enough to foot the bill...

Okay, $24 + $15 = $39 mil if my math is good... that's not enough for a few hours for ONE DAY????

Yeah, where is all the money going?

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