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January 15, 2009


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Maybe it comes down to this; we should always look for the kind and enlightened side of human nature while being aware of and cautious of its nasty and dangerous components.

Tiny is clearly following HER catly imperative which is batting a SuperBall. Sam the Wonder Cat's imperative these days is sitting on my lap - endlessly.

I got one of those laser lights for him to chase. BIG waste of money. It attracts his attention for a nanosecond and then he's off to other pursuits - mostly sleeping on top of my toes or in my lap, or going out on the porch to patrol his territory which has once again changed due to the return of the fence around the back yard. A quick knock on the dining room sliders (apparently the kitty door is only for OUT when Mom is at home) and then he's back on my lap, telling me in no uncertain terms just how COLD it is out there! The thing about Sam, in fact the thing about most cats, is that they have a very clear vision of what their lives should be and they make the effort necessary to achieve that vision, and with any luck they are owners of compliant humans like us who see to it!

Is Tiny a southpaw or a switch-hitter? Either way, she definitely bats in the majors!

Although we adore our two felines (a Ginger American Shorthair, and a half Siamese) the more we observe them, the kinder and gentler even the most rabid PCers appear to us. At least the latter do not disembowel baby rabbits in full view of the dining room. Or rip the hearts out of or heads off of other small mammals and catch birds in mid-air. We forgive our cats because they are hunters by nature. And because the rest of the time they are positive angels in gorgeous form compared to the average PC moron currently trying to indoctrinate my two college age kids while I fork over 40K plus each a year for the privilege (don't get me started on how much I wish those liberal professors were tiny mice at the mercy of my cats!)

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