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January 20, 2009


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A smile and a statment of hopeful rhetoric will not solve the economic and cultural problems which face us today. Mr.Bush had a clue as to the problems and struggled honestly to confront them despite the unthinking criticism heaped upon him by an ignorant and arrogant intelligentsia. Good luck to Obie, but I don't think he has a clue as to what made the USA the nation which attracted people from all over the world to want to come here and share in our freedom and our prosperity.

Excellent post, though I did burst into tears at the top photo...

I'll follow the links when I can see again.

I was surprised at a largely backward-looking speech: there were a few "fired up, ready to go" kind of pitches towards the future, but overall it was more negative than I expected. Perhaps that was in an effort for profundity; perhaps it would make the contrast between the last admin and the new one all the more pronounced. He was not as gracious to George W. as the newcomer, as McCain was to our new President as the defeated candidate. But he was, indeed, playing to his audience.

The poet made me yearn for the days of Maya Angelou's Inaugural pieces!

And who stuck poor Ray Romano to do standup at the Neighborhood Ball, trying to get laughs - right after President Obama "left the building" after his first dance of the night? What an impossible act to follow, in that room! And then stick a very white, Italian guy from Queens in front of everyone? I felt bad for him!

I really tried to stay away from all of it yesterday except for Sissy Willis and some other blogs, but reading the news this morning just took my breath away. President Obama has ordered a halt to all the military trials at Gitmo, including that of the mastermind of 9/11.

Yesterday I read on this by Jonathan Foreman at The Corner:

"The Shabbiest Moment in the Obama Inauguration Address was when he did his shout out to the military and referred to those sacrificing for freedom at Concord, Gettysburg, Normandy, and Khe Sanh ... but avoided mention of not just Iraq but also Afghanistan. I doubt it will have won him friends among today's military ..."

This is the change he is bringing. Not good. Not good at all.

Thank you President GW Bush.

Amazing, as the Democrat Partisans reveal again they have no class, even when they win elections.

A new President who has to bash the past one on his Inaugural?


Democrat Partisans are living in a real denial, and it is ugly to watch.

They are winning elections on the dehumanizing, the criminalizing, the slandering, etc., of others.

And it should not be accepted.

Even more amazing, Hillary Clinton who lied about dodging sniper fire, made ugly ethnic jokes about Gandhi and Gas Stations, impugned the integrity of General Petraeus, is the Head of State?

At least she isn't in the Senate anymore...

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