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January 08, 2009


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Thanks, Sissy. I have sent this post to my mother.

So wonderful to see a photo of Tiny again. Apropos of Rembrandt and cats, here is a PDF of Rembrandt's 1654 etching of the Virgin and Child with a cat.

Still thinking of Baby, especially after finding out yesterday that the First Cat (India) just died at the age of 18.

Choosing one's peers or those with whom we would be peers says it all. PJ Media, Townhall, Tom Sowell, Walt Williams, Sisu, Joe the Plumber they are for me.

The more Ann comments about PJM, you know, the happier I am that she doesn't work with us, too.

What a photo of Tiny. Words escape me, but you are right, it is a shade of Rembrandt.

I love the photos on this blog. They remind me of my dear departed cats, and the ones yet to come.

The photo of Tiny is just wonderful. I am glad you like my tribute to Baby.

Saw Joe on Fox this afternoon. He said after all the brouhaha he really couldn't be a plumber anymore. What if he went to a house and they didn't like "Joe the Plumber" and insisted on another plumber?

The man's life has been changed forever.

Joe should do well. I remember when journalism was, like plumbing, a trade and not a profession. Joe's a tradesman. He'll figure it out and do it respectfully well.

And that's what has Nora O'Donnell worried: not that Joe will do well. But that Joe will remind everyone that journalism is a trade.

Great picture.

Meh. It still smells of publicity stunt. If Joe hadn't gotten his 15 minutes of fame he wouldn't be going. I think PJM would be a lot better served, if they were interested in journalism, by sending a mid-level blogger or a decent conservative journalist (like Stacy McCain or someone of that sort).

Unlike so many, I'm willing to give the guy a chance. Let's see how he does before saying he "can't".

It's reporting not brain surgery. While there are certain talents good reporters have, if they don't do it well (stumble over words, etc) the world won't end. Credentialed reporters have proven that often enough.

It's startling how much vehemence this one man going to the Middle East has stirred up. Since he is not the only reporter over there and since he's not reporting for a mainstream news outlet, I'm finding it hilarious to see all these people writhing about, nearly frothing at the mouth because this one man is getting a trip to a war zone.

I tell ya, there is no other entertainment to top it.

Lovely picture of Tiny. And once again, you find exactly the right bit of fine art to complement the post.

Awesome photo. I wouldn't mind having a print on my wall. In fact, I'd love it!

As for Joe the Plumber and journalism as a trade, you are exactly right. Many trades can be taught, but professionalism is earned.

Journalism is a trade not a profession. Joe the plumber as a tradesman probably has something journalists do not have: a license backed by a competency exam. Journalists have no more in the way of professional licensing and certification than garbage men, and of late no one has ever claimed that garbage collection is a learned profession. And reading what passes for news in most of the wire services, garbage men seem to have a greater work ethic than journalists.

Roger L. Simon is a genius, indeed. When I saw all the coverage of Joe the Plumber going to Israel, I laughed and laughed and declared Simon the winner. How better to get free advertising for Pajamas Media than to let the MSM networks do it for you? Talk about irony! As I said, I laughed and laughed. Roger L. Simon.... GENIUS!

The protests/sneers from the media about Joe invite the question "what does the professional media person offer that Joe does not". There may be some hidden ability on the part of CNN to distinguish between faked news and real news, but that ability is not obvious. If all CNN offers is to be present at a particular location with a camera, well any Joe can do that as well.

It's funny how the liberals say conservatives don't do any original reporting and then complain when one does.

FYI, Bret Baier is the new host of 'Special Report', replacing Brit Hume. Neil Cavuto is the host of 'Your World'.

JTP's uncredentialed - he never once put out Saddam's propaganda for access.

Journalism used to be taught by committed professionals (who themselves were journalists in addition to their teaching duties) at respected universities nationwide. What was taught was integrity, professionalism and honesty in presenting any story on which we worked. I was always proud that I was a journalism major at The Ohio State University in the late 50s and early 60s. I shudder to think what that once admirable program is producing now!

Sadly, that is no longer the case and the former "profession" has reverted to what used to be called ink-stained wretches - and they're carrying their wretchedness to unbelievably low levels.

Thus, Bernard Goldberg can accurately refer to the mainstream media as "slobbering" all over President-elect Obama and it is entirely a justified criticism and indictment of what was once an honorable calling.

did you even bother to read the NYT blog piece? ...apparently not. anything from the NYT is a priori snickering...it so much easier that way

People can argue about JtP and whether he's "qualified", but as they say, time will tell.

Michaels Yon and Totten (for example) aren't exactly Cornell journalism majors, but they do have backgrounds and experience. JtP is the new kid on the block; no-one knows what he's going to do; no-one knows if he can write; no-one knows if he's going to get the front-line acceptance that Yon and Totten have.

On the other hand, I seriously doubt that Simon &c hired him sight unseen.

In any event, I eagerly await his first dispatches.

Here is a masterpiece. This portrait speaks to the wonder of our beloved companions; here is a thinking, compassionate, responsive, introspective being.

Snapshots of cats playing with yarn or wearing some silly hat are an insult.

You get so many compliments on your photographs. It's because they show a cat as it sees itself.

It explains why people love cats . . . Not because they scamper across the floor and are cute and pretty like children but because they're cats, and your photographs show what that is.

If Anderson Cooper didn't have Banacek hair and Gloria Vanderbilt for a mother it's unlikely anyone would give him the time of day. Give Joe a shot. He'll probably be dreadful, but so are most people when they get in front of the camera. On the other hand, he could be very insightful.

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