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January 25, 2009


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"in a world without truth, freedom loses its foundation," and "a democracy without values can lose its very soul." The relativist left hates any suggestion that some moral codes produce better results than others or than no moral standards at all.

We should have known, goomp, when they were constantly bleating about things not being "fair" (like that happens very often in anyone's life) whilst growing up that this Generation Y was going to create problems. And they haven't disappointed!

There are rules of behavior that SHOULD be observed. Manners ARE important. Decorum is worth preserving. And a sense of the reality of history is essential for the preservation of civility in our world. That's where the liberal left really loses their way. Anyone who dared to call President Bush "Hitler" clearly had no clue who Adolf Hitler really was!

Wow. Another elegant post. I'm touched that Benedict is a cat lover but perhaps not surprised. I always knew he was a good man.

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