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January 30, 2009


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Sweet Tiny-- some much-needed goodness after a week of the bad and ugly.

With shots of Tiny - oh, so sweet
My Weekend Morning is complete.

She's almost ethereal in her beauty, especially with the stars in her eyes. ;)

Yep. "Sweet" is her adjective, she owns it beautifully.

Just gorgeous, beautiful way to end the day too.

Don't forget Carnival of the Cats Sunday at my blog.

Ah Tiny. I was wondering what was flitting by her sweet face. Amazing photography. Amazing subject.

Reaching out to pet Sweet Tiny, drat if this darn screen doesn't just get in the way. She's a lovely sight after a week of non-stop work and just about everything going wrong. :-)

Oh, my, how amazing. Beautiful subject, exceptional photographer.

Her powers of concentration are manifest; her beauty is sublime. She's a gorgeous and delightfully playful little minx and like you and Tuck, I absolutely love her.

Favorite shot: the middle one.

With whiskers forward, the hunt is on!

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