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January 25, 2009


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Love shared

Sweet Tiny. I love this photo. In its mistiness it looks like Tiny has a guardian angel.

What an exquisite little angel she is!

I just spent 9 days communing with Sam the Wonder Cat who looked about as "put out" as I've ever seen him when the alarm went off this morning. He LIKES having his Mom at home with him! He didn't even object when I trundled over to friend Joyce's for an hour a couple of days where her little "bad to the bone" Shih Tzu Andy made an absolute fool of himself snuggling on my lap. Ahhhh animals - what a gift that God gave us with our domesticated pals.

Snuggles to Ms. Tiny.

Every time I look at this photo I see something new. This time it is in Tiny's eyes. The pupils of her eyes are white and shaped like angels.

Our cats are our little guardians. I truly believe that.

When the kids were small we had a wonderful cat who answered to the name, Pussywillow. She was a Tortoiseshell. When the kids and I went on a walk Pussywillow went with us. No leash. No nothing. She kept pace with us and when we went home so did she. I always felt that she was protecting us.

How much your photo of Tiny compares to the Bernini marvel. I love them both.

Awww! Nice shot of the suspended rose above cat wanting it! Have always loved that particular Bernini. It reminded me how the nuns I used to work with in youth (looking after abused kids) talked about Jesus as the lover of their heart. As bashfully and passionately as any girl about her sweetheart. And how at the time (the cruel scorn of youth) I applied all kinds of pseudo Freudian interpretations privately to their devotion, and dismissed art and experiences like the one in this Bernini. I admired their work in the real word (the "Inasmuch as ye did it for one of the least of these, ye did it for me" ) but I didn't really get it... It took me years to appreciate how much closer they were to God than I with my then cold, rational, dutiful view of the faith.

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