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January 12, 2009


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Maybe so-called liberals understand the truth but think they can avoid terrorist devastation here at home if they pretend to admire Islam. Cowards R us.

I have absolutely changed my attitude about PJTV since they've made it more easily accessible, and especially since they've sent Joe, neither journalist nor blogger, to give it all a look-see.

What's wrong with just looking, and seeing for oneself? Would that the elite journies could do as much.

The problem with "journalism" is that its practitioners have largely become intellectual whores. Anyone who is employed as a regular or as a stringer, who wants to sell his or her wares has to write for the market, or they have no income. Do you think that the US MSM organs would tolerate the kind of objectivity and truth we should expect from JTP? If what is provided by the writers does not fit the approved dialectic, then facts being rather elastic, the official dialog will be maintained in the MSM market.
If you compromise your honor and integrity just to sell the NYT 200 words, then you are a true modern journalist, and the whore epithet fits you.
(I apologize to honest whores everywhere, because at least they admit what they are and, in their market, give value for the money more often than journalists do in theirs.)

Digging Joe. He should quit trying to say he's not biased. He is, and so what? He's the perfect guy for a blogging outfit...you either get something out of his take, or you click on out of there. I think he's great because most "average Joes" will get a lot out of seeing things through his eyes. That's what we like -- people who we feel would see things as we would telling us about what they're seeing. It's great (so far).

Strangely, it reminds me of the Burger King Whopper Virgin campaign - that is, taking the Whopper to remote locales unfamiliar with either fast food or, even, the hamburger, given the assumption that an untested palate is a more objective palate.

And so we send a civilian simply to observe - and, by the way, make a slight mockery of how seriously journalists often take themselves - which is too seriously, a la Christiane Amanpour.

It also gives a much maligned guy a few extra bucks, and I'm in favor of that. The poor guy didn't ask to be dragged across front pages. Lemons, lemonade.

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