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January 24, 2009


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it is a very interesting post.

which is no surprise...

With the passing of folks like Bill Buckley and Richard John Neuhaus, now more than ever conservatives need to push forward a concerted effort to involve ourselves in high-volume trade of intellectual discourse. I am tired of being painted as not only lacking intellect, but fostering anti-intellectual values, by the mainstream media.

Ben Stein's "Expelled" illustrates just how ingrained this prejudice has become.

Thinking is not owned by liberals - no matter how much of the private sector they wish to buy up.

"find reliable ways to make human beings more loving,"

Mothers have always dealt with this. The thing is... there is something called the heart and the will.

You can see it early on. If there is no conscience, nothing can put it there except a supernatural event.

Children watch their role models carefully from at least six months on. If there is no love given to them they fail to thrive.

And what is the liberals' definition of "being more loving?" anyway? Is it being more compliant? More unquestioning of liberal norms? Less outspoken?

It seems to me that liberals have crept into an Augustinian theological discussion if they deem to take on the word "make."

In Genesis, God said, "Let us make man in our image after our likeness…"

We all know what happened after that.

Oh the humanity.

Even God didn't force mankind to love Him. He let us make the choice.

It is my belief that religions are a summation of the experience of mankind. In an effort to live in a world in which we can experience freedom and live and let live, rules of behavior must exist. These beliefs are not relative. Some produce better results than others.

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