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January 28, 2009


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The fate of Western Civilization hangs in the balance. Should Obama's perceptions be correct, peace and perhaps prosperity lie in our future. Should he be mistaken, then disaster and the destruction of Atomic war may be our future.

Obama should just talk to his hand. This kind of appeasement invites the worst kind of behavior from the Iranians. It's Jimmy Carter times ten.

You don't negotiate with a bully; you cannot reason with crazy people. This is what BHO is trying to do and it's a fool's game.

That being said, any way to get that idiot in Iran to simmer down would be a good thing! But I think lithium is the only way to deal with him - and I doubt even that would really work.

Love to my cherished Willis family and goomp.

"...said the newly minted Leader of the Free World, displaying his slippery, disingenuous language of Arab-style diplomacy larded with BDS innuendo for all the world to see."


the more we see, the more we are reminded of the Carter Denial.

the Democrat Party has not learned a thing.

the image of weakness has been exploited repeatedly by the monsters in the World, especially many dangerous threats coming from the Middle East.

but the PR of the Media is trying it's best to sell this Democrat control, just as they debased the fine Bush Administration.

we shall see if the dehumanizing of the Democratic Party's opposition, while spinning the folly of the Democrats as a positive, will continue to succeed.

Oh dear. I was rather hoping that Mr. Obama would not be able to destroy our country in just 4 years. But he seems hell bent on accelerating us into real trouble.


Obama's statement illustrates his lack of listening. He asserts an idea without showing evidence of listening to the previous Administration. He appoints George Mitchell and completely ignores the Quartet process already in place (with Tony Blair at the lead). Now he could say he wants to move in a different direction or something like that. However, we hear none of that. He just starts by dictating. I hope my prediction is wrong, but I predict that whatever he says others are doing, he is the one really doing it. Let's see if this becomes a pattern.

The irony is that BHO was elected because W alienated the US from the world and Obama is doing the same.

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