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January 10, 2009


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All that floof, but more than floof really, as you and Tuck know. I love that photo of Babe. The subtle chiaroscuro of Tiny's photo was simply stunning and so Rembrandt-esq. So much depth and it seemed to speak of grief in your sweet Tiny. I hope she is doing well with her double measure of love.

All that "floof" adorned a cat of rare beauty and dignity. For example, Sam the Wonder Cat THINKS he is dignified - but after many years of patient observation, he is Bozo the Clown at heart! The Babe had his raucous moments I'm sure (all cats do - what is it that they chase so assiduously in their cat fits?) but essentially, he was simply all the beauty, dignity and affection that a cat should be, no doubt due to the loving human hands that nurtured him.

Ahh. Sissy. Tears come again. At the end of the day they come so much more easily.

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