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December 17, 2008


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Luckily she's this good at a young age. This gives her room to get even better. It took Reagan many years to hone his own manner of speaking and interacting with the press (which is far different than acting of course).

The governorship and the VP run have put her in a wonderful position to hone her skills. I believe she will and she will become ever better.

BTW - Tuck's model looks very festive with the bow atop. I should have you all come decorate my house. ;-)

I also listened to Greta interview Gov. Palin the other night. I think Greta also gets our Sarah. What a fantastic find she is really.

Another thing about Wasilla I can identify with. When I was five years old our church burned to the ground. The local public school system allowed us to hold church services in a nearby elementary school until the new church was rebuilt. I think it took two years.

Now the elementary school is a center for teachers to go to for professional development so when I pass by the old auditorium I think of the special spiritual memories I have there thanks to the tolerance that used to be a part of the culture of our country. I don't know if that would be allowed here in our city or state anymore. It's wonderful that it is still allowed in Gov. Sarah Palin's state.

A servant's heart is what carried Sarah Palin throughout the presidential campaign...she helped bring McCain the votes he got in the South and what has he done in return. He has turned his back on her.

I believe she is better off without him. She can go on and lead her state, and demonstrate to America what a Republican governor can do with conservative fiscal policies and tough energy policies. Obama will make it as tough on her as possible but she has already proven she can handle corrupt men.

No society can survive without a moral code to which a majortity of the members subscribe. The lesson of history is that the Judeo-Christian moral code has brought to humankind the most successful and productive results. Abandonment of this code is leading to the fall of Western civilization. Here's hoping we can rally behind the moral virtue of a Sarah Palin and avoid a repetition of the fall of Rome.

Sarah Palin gives us all hope that things can and will get better. All we need to do is pray that our nation survives the next four years until we can return to rationality!

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