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December 13, 2008


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Oh yes, it's been delightful in Central Mass. So glad to hear Goomp is okay. I have friends in NH who are hard hit too.

Blackberry blog reading has been hit & miss. But we are hoping for electricity tomorrow or Monday. (Trucks were spotted on our road tonight-a good sign? We shall see)

I feel for you folks up there. I honestly did not know that the northeast was a place for ice storms.

We have them periodically in the south, the last one here putting us off the electric grid for 9 days. However, a few Coleman lanterns heats our living area to a bearable temperature and we have a gas stove in the kitchen. I suspect the outside temperature you're dealing with is much lower.

Several Christmas holidays ago the city of Columbus was hit with a major ice storm and my neighborhood was without power for six days! Sam the Wonder Cat and I did a LOT of bonding as we huddled under blankets together. Even the mayor of Columbus was without power (and I was on his grid) and I do know from reports in the newspapers that he was ENRAGED that the power company was so slow in getting people back up to speed! Mind you, I lived 3 miles from downtown Columbus at the time!

It's no pleasure and I hope all is well sooner rather than later.

The ice comes
On little cat feet.

It sits, encrusting
the harbor and city
with glittering beauty
and then knocks out the power throughout the region.
Gawd, I hate the sleet.

(Apologies to Carl Sandburg)

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