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December 28, 2008


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Yes, the computerized world has lost the human touch in many cases, but a world of warmth and sympathy has also appeared in the blogosphere with the passing of Baby Cakes.

The cat blogosphere is filled with wonderful people who love cats and mourn with those that mourn for their departed family as do your readers. One cannot be a regular reader here and not be touched by The Babe.

Perhaps the young vets that were empathetic were truly animal lovers. As opposed to say being in it for the money. Or just not getting it. For whatever reason.

An ER vet should have attended to Babe immediately as the ABC's (airway, breathing, circulation) are vital. And Babe was in dire need there. Why the tumor was not spotted earlier is a mystery to me.

That said, I have an older vet who gets it. He is hands on and when we had a cat terminally ill, after examining her, he gave us choices and more important, when we chose to have her put out of her misery, he gave us time to be with her, time to let my child get there to be with her, time to say our last goodbyes.

I sense that that was lacking in Babe's case as you wrote Tuck didn't get a final farewell.

We are sorry about the loss. Mommy knoww Angell memorial as well and it is both good and bad.

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