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December 30, 2008


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Loving friends are sorely missed and slow to replace.

What I don't get - and never have - is why people think that cats are somehow less loving, less forthcoming than dogs. I like dogs. I especially like specific dogs - my sister's two characters come to mind, along with my friend Joyce's 2 dogs Cookie and Andy (whenever Andy who weighs about 5 pounds walks into the room - you just hear the music "Bad to the Bone" playing - and yet as much of a character as he can be - he's immensely lovable) - but when it comes to pure cuddlesome natures, it's cats for me!

Sam and I had a long conversation last night about Baby and he sends his chirps and meows to both you and Tuck!

I'm sorry for your loss; he's a beautiful cat.

I am so sorry for the loss of your fur-baby. The furry members of a family always leave the biggest holes.

Baby Cakes certainly was a kingly cat - and clearly had a lush life with his humans.

{{{{Hugs}}}} from CT.

You are right: there will not be another one like him. And that is as it should be. You had both the responsibility and the gift of The Babe: to take care of him during his time on earth. And part of that was to let him go when his body said it was time, to not hold onto him for you. (I remind myself of that constantly when Snowball becomes unwell...)

A fast growing tumor said that it was time, even if it wasn't the right time for you.

I am sure it is hard (editors note: tears starting now, keyboard out of focus) , but try to be grateful for the twelve year gift that was Baby Cakes, that unique large ball of fluff and love.

No, there will not be another one like him. But some day there may be another one, with its own special feline-ality, who needs Sissy and Tuck love just as much. It really is all about the love.

Ah Carol - that was beautiful.

There will never be another one like your Baby Cakes, Sissy. I've been keeping vigil these past few days and hours since the Babe has gone, in honor of him and those who loved him for twelve plus years.

Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos and memories of Babe. I don't think I have ever seen more photogenic or captivating kitties than Babe and Tiny.

I've been hugging my own three kitties more the past few days.

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