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December 31, 2008


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When it comes to photos of cats that reflect ideas of humans, Sisu excels.

One of the reasons Baby's loss leaves such a void is that, thanks to your exceptional documentation of his life, he has been a real part of our lives...we people of the Bloggy-Sphere. Though I never met him, I can almost imagine having done so.

You have given us all a great gift, a mirror of that greater gift the Creator gave us when He placed Baby on this tiny (!) spinning planet.

A fine photograph captures the evanescent light of a single moment. You've captured many such moments...and for that we thank you. May those moments - frozen, now, forever in time - provide a source of happiness and comfort to you and Tuck, and to everyone else who knew the Babe by proxy.


My deepest condolences on your loss of Baby.

I've recently lost both my long-time feline companions. Miss Ella was an orange and white short haired tabby, and Max a gigantic gray and white long haired Maine Coon mix. Both were 13 when they left us.

Even with the three children that we have running around our house, my cats were still a substantial part of our lives. Your blogging makes it clear that Baby and Tiny are your immediate family, and I know that Baby's passing is in many ways like losing a child of your own.

Thanks so much for sharing the lives of your feline family with all of us online.

Elisson is a wordsmith extraordinaire.

The words flow from him beautifully either speaking or with a keyboard.

I believe he has said it all.

Sissy, I am so sorry.

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