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December 14, 2008


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There are already many schools in Central Mass that have declared closed for Monday and Tuesday. Some of those have power, but are being used as shelters for those with no power.

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing the power on nearby. We had houses on our street that had power last night - but it didn't reach us until late today. Very very luckily, even though our meter has been pulled off the wall - the lines are okay and they let us have power. Otherwise we'd still be sitting in the dark blackberry blogging.

Yay for Chris! What a guy! I'm so glad he's helping to keep Goomp's generator going!

69 hours and 30 minutes without power in a house that is all electric ain't no fun, but now with hot water again and telephone again and cable for the internet, things are looking up. Still no TV.

Head over to Hulu.com or some of the other television stations like NBC. If you have internet, you can run the shows through your computer. :-)

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