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December 07, 2008


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An excellent resumé of the current academic delusion which will lead to a destruction of our productive society thru a loss of freedom. Suppression of free thought and free will leads to slavery of thought and poverty as a life style.

I am fortunate that my children were educated before the worst of academia took hold. Not only that, their schools are still rather insistent to this day on at least a little of a classical education.

With more college credit hours than needed for any bachelor's degree, I will probably never get one. Not quite enough in history, not quite enough in language, almost enough in music (I'm too old now to fulfill the performance requirement) and few of the core prerequisites.

Perhaps it was unfortunate for me, as an 18 year old to be allowed to choose from any course without meeting prerequisites because of my ACT and SAT scores. That was the "honors" program at the time.

The most valuable thing I learned was how to learn on my own.

Donna B. - you are me! I have more than twice as many credits as I need to graduate and I have NEVER completed even ONE major - but I have 6 minors and diversity is their hallmark: History, English, Journalism, French, Speech and, of all things, Accounting. I just love going to school - love the interaction, I love the classroom, I love studying, I ADORE writing papers!

Besides - I am also a paralegal and legal secretary and that's how I make my living - so who needs a degree - especially at age 66!

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