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December 28, 2008


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It is consoling that Baby who had become a well know member of the blogoshere will be missed by his friends there.

...and tears fall anew. Does it help to know that yours is shared sorrow? I dearly hope so.


Baby held our hearts in his paws, too. Ongoing prayers and hugs from this corner of New England.

We is furry sorry to read of Baby's passin. When Bonnie died in May, the beans didn't know she was efun sick an the mergency vet was quick to try to safe her. She was 11teen an didn't let anyone know her liver didn't werk. When Nina went to the mergency vet cuz she scratched her eye, no one touched the puter cept Nina! She wanted to blog her speriences, I guess. Anyway, we feel Baby knowed how much you lufed him an wanted to stay, but he just couldn't. He's playin wif Bonnie an all da ofurs at da Rainbow Bridge. I hope they can still read our blogs. You took wonnerful pictors of him an I hope they will provide sum comfert. Purrs,
Victor Tabbycat

Zany was such a good description of the marvelous Baby. I really must start using my new digital camera to keep a record of the redoubtable Sam's antics! Now before it's too late.

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